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  • [2022-11] Congrats to Shubham and Yue for winning the Best Demo Award at SenSys 2022! Thank you AiFi Inc. for supporting this project!

  • [2022-10] "Don't 'Weight' to Board: Augmenting Vision-based Passenger Weight Prediction via Viscoelastic Mat" is accepted by IMWUT, congrats team!

  • [2022-10] Shijia gave a virtual talk "Sense for Less: Physical Knowledge-Informed Adaptation for Vibration-Based Internet-of-Things" at ICTC 2022.

  • [2022-10] "Demo Abstract: MOOCA: Miura-Ori Origami-Based Configurable Shelf-Liner for Autonomous Retail" is accepted by SenSys 2022 Poster/Demo, congrats Shubham and Yue! link

  • [2022-10] "CIPhy: Causal Intervention with Physical Confounder from IoT
    Sensor Data for Robust Occupant Information Inference" is accepted by AIChallengeIoT 2022, congrats Kevin! link

  • [2022-10] "DaQual: Data Quality Assessment for Tree Trunk Relative Water
    Content Sensors in a Pomegranate Orchard" is accepted by AgSys 2022, congrats Yue and Abdias! link

  • [2022-08] "MuteIt: Jaw Motion Based Unvoiced Command Recognition Using Earable" is accepted by IMWUT and will be presented at Ubicomp 2022.

  • [2022-06] Shijia gave a guest lecture "Physical Knowledge-Informed Learning Adaptation for Vibration-Based Internet-of-Things" at TBSI Introduction to Transfer Learning (virtual, slides)

  • [2022-05] Congrats to Shreya for receiving MobiSys 2022 Student Travel Grant! Thank you MobiSys 2022 sponsors!

  • [2022-05] "MODES: Multi-sensor Occupancy Data-driven Estimation System for Smart Buildings" is accepted by e-Energy 2022!

  • [2022-05] Congrats to Shubham and Shreya for paper acceptance at BodySys 2022
    "FinePose: Fine-Grained Postural Muscle Profiling via Haptic Vibration Signals".

  • [2022-05] Congrats to Shreya, Shubham, Kevin, and Yue for winning the Best Poster Award at IPSN 2022!

  • [2022-05] Shijia served as one of the panelists at the 2nd CPSH Workshop on the topic of "Wireless technologies for human-machine interaction".

  • [2022-04] Shijia gave a guest lecture "Sense for Less: Physical Knowledge-Informed Adaptation for Vibration-Based Internet-of-Things" at Columbia University Embedded AI ELEN E6908 (virtual).

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