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  • [2022-06] Shijia gave a guest lecture "Physical Knowledge-Informed Learning Adaptation for Vibration-Based Internet-of-Things" at TBSI Introduction to Transfer Learning (virtual, slides)

  • [2022-05] Congrats to Shreya for receiving MobiSys 2022 Student Travel Grant! Thank you MobiSys 2022 sponsors!

  • [2022-05] Congrats to Kevin for paper acceptance at e-Energy 2022!
    "MODES: Multi-sensor Occupancy Data-driven Estimation System for Smart Buildings".

  • [2022-05] Congrats to Shubham and Shreya for paper acceptance at BodySys 2022
    "FinePose: Fine-Grained Postural Muscle Profiling via Haptic Vibration Signals".

  • [2022-05] Congrats to Shreya, Shubham, Kevin, and Yue for winning the Best Poster Award at IPSN 2022!

  • [2022-05] Shijia served as one of the panelists at the 2nd CPSH Workshop on the topic of "Wireless technologies for human-machine interaction".

  • [2022-04] Shijia gave a guest lecture "Sense for Less: Physical Knowledge-Informed Adaptation for Vibration-Based Internet-of-Things" at Columbia University Embedded AI ELEN E6908 (virtual).

  • [2022-02] Shijia gave a seminar talk "Sense for Less: Physical-Informed Learning for Vibration-Based Occupant Sensing" at Alibaba Seminar (virtual).

  • [2022-02] Congrats to Kevin and Yue for paper acceptance at IPSN 2022!
    "VMA: Domain Variance- and Modality-Aware Model Transfer for Fine-Grained Occupant Activity Recognition" (link)

  • [2022-02] Congrats to Shubham and Yue for paper acceptance at Frontiers in Big Data
    Data Mining and Management
    "AutoLoc: Autonomous Sensor Location Configuration via Cross-Modal Sensing".

  • [2022-02] Congrats to Dong and Shreya for having their first poster/demo abstracts accepted as leading authors at IPSN 2022
    "Demo Abstract: Real-Time Teeth Functional Occlusion Monitoring via In-Mouth Vibration Sensing". (link)
    "Poster Abstract: Sedentary Posture Muscle Monitoring via Active Vibratory Sensing". (link)

  • [2021-10] Our paper "Footstep-Induced Floor Vibration Dataset: Reusability and Transferability Analysis" is accepted to appear at the 4th Workshop on Data Acquisition to Analysis (DATA '21), congrats Kevin and Yue

  • [2021-09] Our paper "Decoupling the Unfairness Propagation Chain in Crowd Sensing and Learning Systems for Spatio-temporal Urban Monitoring." is accepted to appear at  the 8th ACM International Conference on Systems for Built Environments (BuildSys'21)

  • [2021-09] Our paper "TeethVib: Monitoring Teeth Functional  Occlusion Through Retainer Vibration Sensing" is accepted to appear at the IEEE/ACM Conference on Connected Health Applications, Systems, and Engineering Technologies (CHASE'21)

  • [2021-09] Shijia gave a seminar talk "Sense for Less: Physics-Informed Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems for Vibration-Based Human Monitoring" at the CITRIS Exchange Seminar (virtual).

  • [2021-06] Our paper "AutoQual: Task-Oriented Structural Vibration Sensing Quality Assessment Leveraging Co-Located Mobile Sensing Context" is accepted by CCF Transactions on Pervasive Computing and Interaction (link), congrats Yue and Kevin.

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