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  • Dr. Shijia Pan gave a keynote "Sense for Less: Physics-Informed Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems for Device-Free Human Monitoring" at the 2nd ACM Workshop on Device Free Human Sensing (DFHS) as part of the BuildSys 2020 on Nov. 16th (video).

  • Zhizhang Hu presented his work titled "Inferring Finer-grained Human Information with Multi-modal Cross-granularity Learning" at the Joint SenSys/BuildSys PhD Forum on Nov.15th, 2020 (video).

  • Dr. Shijia Pan gave a department seminar talk "Sense for Less: Physics-Informed Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems for Device-Free Human Monitoring" at Florida International University (virtual) on Oct. 23rd.

  • Zhizhang Hu received the Best Paper Award as a co-author of the paper "A Window-Based Sequence-to-One Approach with Dynamic Voting for Nurse Care Activity Recognition Using Acceleration-Based Wearable Sensor" at the 2nd Nurse Care Activity Recognition Challenge (certificate)

  • Lixing He's paper "SCSV2: Physics-informed Self-Configuration Sensing through Vision and Vibration Context Modeling" will appear at the Third Workshop of Combining Physical and Data-Driven Knowledge in Ubiquitous Computing (CPD 2020) as part of Ubicomp 2020.
    (slides, paper)

  • Zhizhang Hu's paper "Fine-grained Activities Recognition with Coarse-grained labeled Multi-modal Data" will appear at the Second Workshop of Continual and Multimodal Learning for Internet of Things (CML-IoT 2020) as part of Ubicomp 2020.

  • Our paper "Step-Level Occupant Detection across Different Structures through Footstep-Induced Floor Vibration Using Model Transfer" received the 2019’s Best Journal Paper by the ASME SHM/NDE Technical Committee.

  • Our paper "IDIoT: Towards Ubiquitous Identification of IoT Devices through Visual and Inertial Orientation Matching During Human Activity" received the Best Paper Award at IoTDI 2020, CPS-IoT Week 2020 (certificate).

  • Yue Zhang and team received the 3rd place out of 8 competing teams at the AutoCheckout Competition CPS-IoT Week 2020 (certificate).

  • Our demo "Autonomous Inventory Monitoring through Multi-Modal Sensing (AIM3S) for Cashier-Less Stores" received the Best Demo Award at BuildSys 2019.

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